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  • Is this spa registered or legally approved ?
    Yes we are registered and legally approved. We are running this by taking specific permissions from the local governing authorities. Dont get cheated by visiting to other spas with out any permissions. Visit our spa we take care of all your safety.
  • This Spa is not on google or not having specific adress how to trust ?
    Yes we are not either on google or having specific adress because of safety issues. Google wont take erotic spa services to be listed on maps. No specific adress because we need to shift the spa to other locations frequently. Because we cannot run this business regularly at same location.
  • What about room charges and tip's to girls ?
    People who comes to our spa through our website contact number wont get cheated by any fake people or robbers. They are many fake people trying to rob your hard earned money in the name of our SPA. Dont get cheated by them. Dont visit them by seeing adds on Locanto etc.., They loot all your money. Trust us we are direct spa owners and we wont work on any commision basis so we wont charge you anything extra. Tips to girls is your wish. It depends on your communication with the girl inside the room.
  • Points to remember before visiting our spa.
    1. There are many mediators/brokers/advertisers now a days in Hyderabad who tries to make huge money out of these services. ​ 2. Daily thousands of mediators/brokers/advertisers working on internet to loot the money of genuine clients like you telling the above services. ​ 3. SPA will be same but the treatment/service/satisfaction/massage/cost/enjoyment/girls shown/hospitality to the client will be different. All the treatment/service/satisfaction/massage/cost/enjoyment/girls shown/hospitality will depend on through which medium you have reached the SPA. ​ 4. This is only for those clients who are looking for genuine and high profiles Massage Spa + Escort Service. 5. We Have College Girls, Housewives, Air-hostess, Models & Celebrities. 6. We Believe In Customer's Satisfaction And Long-Term Relation With Our Clients So Our Profiles Provides You All Round Services. ​ 7. Don't get cheated visiting those websites. All those websites are copy of us and works under us on commission basis giving clients to us and take commission from us. So they will be charging more money from you for any massage you opt.
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